Max Cowan

Max’s hometown is Penrith (NSW) – now a city in its own right – sitting right on the Nepean River, the shared edge of the City of Sydney and the City of Blue Mountains. All three River, Mountains, and City were Max’s playground – and play he did!

A patchy path both academically and vocationally meant varied experiences – finally settling down with degrees in Pure Mathematics and Mathematical Statistics.

He applied these disciplines to the development, implementation, and analysis of marketing strategies and initiatives across a variety of industry sectors including hospitality, tourism, events, sport, sponsorship, gambling, and entertainment.

Twenty years of this experience was with the diverse and ambitious Panthers Entertainment Group. He drove the strategic marketing directions that led to Panthers having a leading role in some of these sectors.


Max has a belief that authentic community and social business models are essential for sustaining economic, environmental and human success and growth.

The idea that the creative industries could make a significant contribution to both the commercial and community imperatives of a business was a natural progression for Max.

When the innovative C3 West Project – an initiative exploring that realm – was presented, the opportunity was quickly adopted and implemented. The results were exceptional and led to some unexpected and very constructive outcomes.

More recently Max has spent his time consulting to start-ups and new businesses, learning more about online marketing & social media. 

Max still lives on the west side of Sydney– although now it’s the “Inner West” suburb of Leichhardt – with his partner Chris. Their 3 adult daughters are both close and close by, in surrounding suburbs, with their own families.