Enriching The Mix is a project that provides development opportunities for young people experiencing disadvantage or disability. It does this by training them in video production and related areas – research and pre production, scripting, transcriptions, lighting, editing, postproduction

They work to a professional brief developed with Australian Racing Drivers Club (ARDC) to capture the rich history of the club, the sport, and tell the stories in the voices of those who lived them. The project is designed to engage participants, ARDC members and volunteers, and the broader community in innovative ways.

Where the model differs from both traditional community projects and conventional marketing and branding is that the content from the community engagement process can be repurposed for use by ARDC in its promotional and social media campaigns.

Its great to be partnering ARDC in this groundbreaking mix of social benefit and corporate content and looks forward to building upon the successes we have achieved in 2016.



Arthur Hayes - ARDC Member #1

Molly Taylor

Warwick Morris

Greg 'Gringo' Gardner

Enriching The MIx is a project to capture the stories of Sydney Motorsport Park and the Australian Racing Drivers Club in the voices of those who lived them.

Enriching the Mix production crew

Ed Wolf - ARDC Personality